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BPI Sports 1.M.R. New Formula

1.M.R™ now contains a New Powerful mind bending ingredient. It is now even stronger than ever! The cutting edge, breakthrough science behind this Ultra Concentrated and Extra Strength pre-workout powder promotes DEAD ON laser-like mental focus, clarity and super dialed in energy! We're not talking about some B.S. hyped up focusing agent. This is the real deal. We're talkin' about a mind blowing pre-workout support that most people only read about.*

BPI Sports 1MR Super Powerful Ingredient

1.M.R™ contains a concentrated amount of CNS Stimulants, Nitric Oxide Antagonists (The PUMP), and Muscle Building Agents measured to support a great athletic response—without unnecessary ingredients that do little but waste your money and your workout.*

Make Every Workout One of Your Best

What if one more rep was worth more than every rep that came before? That's what 1.M.R™ is—ONE MORE REP! The rep of a lifetime... the workout that helps you push it over the top, helping you and your workouts be a beast... pushing you to and beyond the threshold. 1.M.R™ is an Ultra Concentrated Extra Strength Pre-Workout formula that was designed in such a way to help your body and mind connect – helping every workout be one of the sickest workouts of your life! Being the first to the gym doesn't count... try being the last to leave!*

Tastes Awesome!

There's no comparing the taste of 1.M.R™ to any other pre-workout out there. This formula tastes amazing. 1.M.R™ is one of the most powerful pre-training powders on the planet which requires you to only take one small scoop with 4-6 ounces of water. That's it. Combine support for energy, strength and focus with the best freakin' taste anywhere and now you have 1.M.R™.*

Nothing even comes close. Ask around and you will find that 1.M.R™ has taken over. It's your turn. Go buy a bottle, take a scoop and experience the phenomenon for yourself. Get ONE MORE REP...for every workout!*

Bottom Line

  • New Super Powerful Ingredient hits you Hard and Fast.*
  • Stronger and More Concentrated than Ever!
  • Small Single Scoop in a 4-6oz of water.
  • New Great Tasting Flavor.
  • Support Some of the Best Workouts of your Life.*

Smaller Bottle. Even Stronger.

BPI Sports 1.M.R


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